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ADAMS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Amazon packages have recently been found scattered along Butler County roads with their labels scraped off.

Police can’t guarantee it didn’t happen to others, and are warning the public about thieves who may be eyeing your doorstep.

Driving down Myoma Road, it’s just not what you would expect to see.

“A resident found a package on the road,” said Adams Township Police Assistant Chief Bob Scanlon. “It didn’t have a label on it, so they called the police.”

An Adams Township officer headed that way, and Chief Scanlon says he “came across three more packages on Hutchman Road.”

Chief Scanlon says the incidents occurred on Monday near residential neighborhoods, probably shortly after the deliveries were made.

“Somebody is taking the boxes, opening them to see what’s inside, if there’s nothing of value, they’re pitching them,” he said.

The boxes the police have in their care were pitched by the thieves, after removing their labels. Chief Scanlon says there’s no way to know how many others were taken and kept.

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The online holiday package season kicked off Oct. 1, and the chief has some advice if you’re going to shop online.

“We would recommend that you talk to your neighbors and let them know if you are going to have a package delivered, if you are not going to be home, and vice versa, they can look out for you,” he said.

The delivery services all offer alternatives to your front porch.

Amazon now has locker’s that are located throughout the area. Your package is actually delivered to the lockers, like the ones now in the lobby of the Wexford Whole Foods, then you get a message with a barcode. You take that barcode to their kiosk, scan it and your package.

Or, with UPS, you can use their “My Choice” system that allows you to specify designate where they can leave your package.

“Maybe it’s out back, in the backyard shed, or behind the garage, and they can enter that information into their handheld computer,” said UPS spokesperson Jackie Fait.

So, the driver knows right where to go, and you get electronic messages that warns you it’s coming or it has been delivered.