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O’HARA TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — There’s no skeletons in the closet here.

“We like to refer to these guys as ‘Keeping up with the Boneses,’” said Katrina Charles of her unique Halloween decorations display.

Three life-size skeletons have set up residency in the front lawn of her O’Hara Township home.

“I was looking for some easy Halloween decorations, and saw some poseable skeletons on Pinterest that were actually breaking into a house,” said Charles.

But these skeletal guys aren’t just sitting idly by waiting for Halloween night.

“It started out as they were just out here having a picnic, and a couple of people drove by and said, ‘This is so much fun. Will you be doing it again tomorrow?’” Charles said.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Not just once, but twice a day, the characters switch things up, getting into new positions while neighborhood children are at school.

“The school bus stop is actually at our corner, which is another reason we thought we’d have a lot of fun with it,” Charles said. “We see at least 10-15 kids a day, and the bus drives right past the house. We figured every morning they saw one scene, and at the end of the day, if they came back off the bus and see another scene, it could be a lot of fun for them.”

Neighbors took notice right away when they saw these three skeletons emerge.

“We started chronicling it,” said John Bass, a neighbor. “My wife posted it, we are getting comments from friends all over the country and it’s really fun.”

Charles says coming up with props takes some time, but after that, each scene can be set up in about 20 minutes.

But they aren’t giving any clues as to what is coming up.

“We do consider them our house guests, so we don’t want to put to many restrictions on what we allow them to do,” she said.

We do know that their stay will be up come the day after Halloween.

“I think that’s probably enough time to have these house guests for now,” Charles said.