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CRESCENT TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police in Crescent Township report that a lost big rig driver ripped up yards and knocked over street signs, before he reportedly pushed a man that he encountered.

It happened late Wednesday night in a residential area.

(Source: Crescent Township Police Department)

Jeremiah Hall says he discovered the driver when he went outside to check on the dog.

Hall happens to be deaf and says couldn’t understand what the driver was telling him.

“I had no idea he was talking, and then he pushed me. He grabbed me about my throat,” said Hall. “And I got mad, and was going to follow him, and I thought I’d better not, so I turned around and came back home.”

Police posted on Facebook that they’ve tracked down the company and driver, and that charges are pending.

Hall says it’s happened before. He says another big rig recently damaged the fence around their yard.

Crescent Township Police posted on Facebook that the company is sharing video that shows the events.

They also report that the driver is heading to the company’s terminal in Kentucky.

They say the township is preparing to put up signs warning trucks to stay out of the area.

David Highfield