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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – No more paint trays, no more drop cloths and no more mess.

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Pour N Paint claims you can paint an entire room in 20 minutes and it will come out perfectly, evenly and drip free.

But, does it really do that?

Painting a room is the type of chore many people dread. So, when Greg and Jessica Hollack decided to paint the bedroom of their daughter, Abbi, the Pour N Paint seemed liked the perfect solution.

“I hate to paint, and for anything that was going to make it easier, it definitely sparked my interest,” Greg said.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“We were hopeful this product was going to work and make it a lot quicker for us,” Jessica said.

The Pour N Paint seemed simple. But, when they opened the box, it was maybe too simple.

KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland: What do you think about the quality?

Jessica: It seems pretty cheap, to be honest.

There were a few other issues, too. The pour cup was cracked, and there were some rough edges on some of the plastic pieces.

With that in mind, they moved on to prepping the roller. The process was simple. Just wet the roller, squeeze out the excess water, measure and pour in the paint.

The next step is getting the paint roller working. The directions say to roll it on a piece of newspaper for as long as two minutes.

It did take a good two minutes before the paint was flowing, but eventually it did.

“It actually rolls pretty easily. It doesn’t feel as flimsy as I thought it was going to be when we first took it out of the package,” Jessica said.

Once Jessica had the roller ready to go, Greg took over the actual painting.

Lynne Hayes-Freeland: It’s rolling on smoother than I would have imagined.

Greg: And I’m not getting splattered with paint like you typically do with a roller.

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And it was fast. Greg applied the first coat on a wall in about two minutes.

The kit also comes with two additional pieces – an edger and one for painting corners.

The edger was similar to the actual roller. Just pour the paint inside, then roll it until it begins to flow.

But, as Greg was rolling it out, the roller sprang a leak.

Leaking aside, did the edger work?

“I can’t get any closer than that, which is nice,” Greg said.

While Greg was working on the edges, they began to notice streaking in the paint, which was already applied. But, that was after only one coat. They held off judgement until the second coat was applied.

The infomercial also claims the Pour N Paint won’t splatter. Greg found that to be true.

“Unlike a normal roller, it didn’t splash paint back in my face or anything like that. It definitely held the paint and it went on smoothly,” Greg said.

The infomercial also said there was no need for a drop cloth. However, the directions said use one.

Luckily, our testers were prepared.

Once Greg screwed on the extender pole, he really liked the fact you didn’t have to stop and add more paint. It just kept going, but then, the attachment popped out and the Pour N Paint tumbled to the floor. Accidents can and do happen.

Once Greg had finished the second coat, the same problem existed – the finish was anything but smooth.

“The streaks – that if left so many streaks on the wall,” Jessica said.

“Every roll left streaks on both sides. So, I was hoping they would go away after another coat or two, but no,” Greg said.

So, add it all up. The pieces were poorly constructed, but easy to use. The Pour N Paint eliminated a lot of the fuss, but left Abbi’s bedroom wall full of streaks.

So, does the Pour N Paint really do that?

“No, it didn’t. Yes, you’re able to pour the paint into it and that worked, but everything else that goes along with it did not work out so well,” Jessica said.

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“No, it does not. My journey continues to look for something that does,” Greg said.

Lynne Hayes-Freeland