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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When it comes to our veterans, we all owe them a debt for their service to this country.

So, when a local veteran needed some renovations to his bathroom, a plumber and two construction workers jumped at the chance to help.

West Shore Home of Oakmont is teaming up with Baths for the Brave to put a new bathroom in the home of Bill and Emma Johnson.

“An aging veteran may have a hard time getting into and out of a tub safely so we like to partner with local groups, find a qualified veteran and convert their tub into nice, easy-to-access shower,” Brian Knievel, of West Shore Homes, said.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Bill Johnson served in the navy from 1955-59.

“We would refuel ships at sea. It was a hard job,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s son, William, said his dad spends a lot of time in bed now, but this might help to get him moving again.

“He wants to start helping his own self. This will be one of the ways it is going in that direction. It might lead to other things,” Williams said.

There is one small issue for Bill – he loved soaking in the bathtub. He says he was never was much of a shower guy.

“We’ve been here over 40 some years now. And, I got used to that bathroom there and the one downstairs. It’s going to be a little bit exciting just to see how I get along in there,” he said.

“That’s exactly what we hoped were hoping to accomplish. We want to make a difference in their lives and make it safe for Mr. Johnson,” Knievel said.

The most impressing thing for Bill is how the work is being completed in one day.

“That’s the amazing thing about it. Getting a shower in a day,” he said.