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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Organizers called the protest the “Nobody is Above the Law Rally.”

Protestors Thursday night gathered in front of the City-County Building on Grant Street in Downtown Pittsburgh. Some were wearing costumes, many carrying signs.

Similar rallies were held at the same time in cities across the country.

There was one in New York City:

And another in Chicago:

As well as other places.

At its peak, the demonstration in Pittsburgh attracted several hundred protestors during the evening rush hour.

It was peaceful, there was no attempt to stop or interfere with traffic. Pittsburgh Police kept an eye on the demonstration from across the street.

The rally included a so-called Trump chicken balloon.

Demonstrators would cheer when passing cars honked their horns.


Demonstrator Thomas Scarlato told KDKA-TV News, “I’m here because the Trump Administration has removed Rod Rosenstein from overseeing the Mueller investigation, and the new person in place is more likely to impede or stop the investigation, which will no longer hold Donald Trump or anyone else in the White House accountable.”

President Donald Trump announced the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday afternoon, replacing him with Matt Whitaker, who in the past, has been highly critical of the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its scope.

“This is Americans coming out to stand with democracy. This is our democracy, and Americans are out to say it will not be taken from us,” protest organizer Tracey Baton said.