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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Police are investigating after violent video surfaced showing Pittsburgh Steelers fans attacking each other during Sunday night’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The video was posted to social media and shows Steelers fans throwing beers, throwing fists and even violently head-butting each other during the loss.

In the video, it appears mostly fans in Steelers jerseys were involved in the fight at Heinz Field.

Fan Kate Brendel first posted the video on her Twitter account.

The video has been viewed nearly 2 million times and shared thousands of times.

Witness Garry Booker told KDKA-TV News he became aware of the bickering in the first half of the game.

“You can tell something was going on during the second half of the game. There were arguments regarding play calling, refereeing and many other things football related,” he said.

Booker said it appeared alcohol was a big factor in the escalating confrontation and he heard the two men arguing about whether Coach Mike Tomlin should be fired for the team’s troubles.

Security quickly came over to handle the situation.

“Heinz Field security did a fantastic job de-escalating, which you can’t see in the video,” Booker said.

Fans took to social media offering their comments on the video, some saying this is the reason they don’t take their children to games anymore.

Pittsburgh Police say they are aware of the video and the incident and are investigating.

In a separate incident at the stadium, at least one person is facing charges. Thirty-year-old Amy Marie Brown, of Oceanside, Calif., is being charged with defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct.

According to a criminal complaint, Brown repeatedly interfered with security officers and police officers who were trying to remove one of the men involved in a fight from the stadium. Brown allegedly tried to excuse the man’s behavior and later began to push and shove a police officer who tried to stop the man from going to the restroom.

Police say they believed Brown was a flight risk since she lives in California and planned to fly out of Pittsburgh on Monday morning. Because of this, Brown was sent to the Allegheny County Jail.

Comments (70)
  1. Doug Day says:

    It’s Gooood!!!!

  2. Mark Em says:

    I’m sure that alcohol played no part in this ruckus.

    1. Ed Nolan says:

      actually, it probably didn’t. People just act like that today.

  3. Ralph Humphrey says:

    what would you expect from a liberal city!

    1. Brett Jensen says:

      At least Pittsburgh doesn’t have an incest problem and weekly Klan meetings

  4. Roger Hill says:

    America, stop worshiping sports, and start worshiping God.

    1. I agree, should be an easy transition as both are made up by man for entertainment, taken too seriously, and slowly being ruined by ridiculous rules.

      1. Michael McGough says:

        Phil, stop being so jaded.

    2. Dave Pisarek says:

      Ya no violence ever started from religion…

  5. Vance Barnhill says:

    Violence in the stands is not the main reason for the decline of the NFL but it is a contributing factor.
    The NFL is looking to foreign countries for a fresh start since they have fouled their nest here in the states.

  6. national felon league and their felon fans.

  7. Rich Bach says:

    Did you ever think that it might have had something to do with the poor officiating? They missed 2 calls that resulted in touchdowns for the Chargers. One was a false start and the other was a block in the back. The teams are supposed to play within the rules, but it seems to me that the rules change depending on the officials calling the game. Maybe what the “zebra’s” should have done was miss the first offside penalty called against the Steelers when the Chargers kicker missed the field goal. IMHO, that would have been the equalizer.

    1. Robert Chesnavich says:

      “Did you ever think that it might have had something to do with the poor officiating?”

      Yeah, no, I think it has more to do with the fact that apparently we’ve forgotten that it’s just a freakin’ game and no justification for this kind of violence whatsoever.

  8. Jock Swenson says:

    Where is security???

  9. Mac Joiner says:

    This is assault, plain and simple. But, I’ve been to 193 Ravens home games over the past 22 years, and I can assure you there are a LOT less fights and cursing in the stands now than in years past. In fact, it’s really really rare, can’t even remember the last one I saw (and I’m in the upper deck, where it’s more likely to happen).

  10. LOL, Pittsburgh, the place to put the hose if we ever give the U.S. an enema.

  11. Get in my face your’e gonna get hit. And, your wife swings at me, she is also gonna get hit.

  12. Mark Wilhelm says:

    Dude should have known once the hat came off and the other guy squared up he was going to get busted.

  13. Eric Saferstein says:

    In the days of the Colosseum, the games were held below. I fear the moment in time when the games are held above, when the fans become the players, when the spectators become the combatants.” – AGSAF

  14. John Smith says:

    I thought the NFL banned hits to the head …

  15. Dan Tige says:

    A rookie detective with the Pittsburgh police indicated that no one ever thought to check on who were the season ticket holders for those seats. “Gosh, we thought that was HIPPA privileged information.”

  16. Dave Fay says:

    Hey, I know, let’s pay $100+ a ticket to watch corporate gladiators in our way overpriced ill-fitting official NFL merchandise then get into a drunken fight. Someone is sure to film it and we’ll end up getting embarrassed on social media, banned from the stadium for life and maybe even arrested. What a fun Sunday afternoon!

  17. Tony Tads says:

    you have bigger problem than the fight.
    fire the coach . he is a terrible coach .
    with that talent over the years.
    he should have won more
    swap belicick and get more super bowls wins.

  18. Daniel Rose says:

    Clearly targeting…

  19. Jeff Johnson says:

    Anybody who thinks this should be newsworthy in Pittsburgh hasn’t been to Pittsburgh.

  20. Justin Miller says:

    I am so smrt, i am so smrt, smrt, i mean smart…

  21. Jim Boissoneau says:


  22. Donny Dingle says:

    Nobody should be going to watch the Anti-American NFL offenders playing in the dirt anyway.

  23. Jt Smith says:

    I dont believe this…the nfl has 2 fans?

  24. Jeb Charleston says:

    Too bad the fat guy on the right didn’t have a hunting knife with him.

  25. James Ray says:

    Obviously only thugs go watch thugs play football who hate America

  26. Alfred G Peart III says:

    THE CASUALTIES RULE, Go Chiefs ( 28 year Follower ) Love Seeing them Steelers Lose Love it . Love it

  27. John Smith says:

    Lower middle-class meatheads watching rich meatheads run around a field catching a ball while making more than every cancer researcher and brain surgeon in the country combined. I’m really not sure why football isn’t dead by now.

  28. Christopher Perrien says:

    Good hit.

  29. Tom Gotwols says:

    Just another example in the decline of American society. Sports fans are nothing more than mindless thugs.

  30. Timmy Turdbreath says:

    Dude has to sit out the next game due to the concussion protocol.

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