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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It was a rough morning for some commuters in the South Hills after running into trouble on the T.

The Mount Washington Transit Tunnel reopened in both directions at 10 a.m.

Port Authority officials say a circuit just outside of the tunnel tripped, which caused a rail car inside to lose power.

The Port Authority says the glass in the back of one rail car shattered when a piece of the car came off and hit the window, due to a downed wire at the Library stop.

Passengers on that rail car had to get off and walk to Carson Street in Station Square.

(Photo Credit: Jeff Roupe/KDKA)

But, there’s still another issue the Port Authority is dealing with right now. A power line came down at the Library stop, which is causing some major delays for commuters.

“I’ve been waiting for my mom to watch my kids, but I’m late,” Krystal Hanley said.

Hanley was waiting on her mom to get to the Library stop from Carrick since 9 a.m. She finally arrived just after 1030 a.m.

“My daughter has to be at work. I have to take her to work in her car pick up our grandson and he’s going to be late. I’m very upset, people called the Port Authority, nobody knew anything,” Sally Becker said.

The Port Authority saw its fair share of issues this morning.

Due to the downed power line at Library, the Port Authority has been running bus shuttles inbound from Library to the Lytle Station.

However, there’s regular service from Lytle to Downtown.

Meanwhile, outbound shuttles are running from Lytle.

Rail cars headed inbound initially had to be rerouted through the old Allentown line before the tunnel opened back up later in the morning.

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