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GREENSBURG (KDKA) – When the police show up at homes, they usually are taking packages from houses as evidence, so it was pretty interesting to see them actually taking items into a home, especially ones all wrapped in holiday paper.

That is exactly what happened this Christmas Eve.

It all started when Ptlm. Jason Dieter responded to a call of a violent incident at a home in the city. Once inside, he saw a heartbreaking scene. Living in conditions Dieter described as bad, were a set of 5-year-old male and female twins and a teenager.

Dieter noticed no Christmas tree presents.

He asked a woman who lived there if the kids have any Christmas gifts coming, and the answer was “no.”

That’s when Jason Dieter channeled his inner Santa Clause.

Calling in backup from fellow officers and a few mystery elves, Dieter went to work buying gifts. With money from the shop with a cop program, fellow cops and their families plus strangers, Dieter and company set the kids up for a good Christmas morning.

A very happy Jason Dieter told KDKA, “We got them clothes, bedding supplies and the oldest boy got games, he plays PlayStation.”

Of course, the folks doing the wrapping are moms so they decided with three kids involved they didn’t want any confusion, so they color code the presents.

Dieter said, “The black here is the oldest boy, the light blue is for the youngest boy and the back seat is red and silver for the youngest girl.”

As Jason Dieter put it, “Every kid deserves a good Christmas.”