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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Pittsburgh man is raising flags after he claims he was racially profiled on a Greyhound bus earlier this month.

Local activist Tim Stevens led a demonstration on Saturday morning at the Greyhound bus station located at the corner of 11th Street and Liberty Avenue in support of William Anderson, who claimed to be racially profiled by a bus driver on Jan. 5 while on his way to Washington, D.C.

Stevens and his Black Political Empowerment Planning Council are asking for a response from Greyhound CEO Dave Leach.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Tim Lawson)

Anderson, who is black, documented the alleged incident on his Instagram account.

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So I just got racially profiled on the Greyhound bus first this driver pulls the bus over and makes me move from the back of the bus to the front seat without any explanation sits me in the very first which is a handicap seat ,next I get up to go to the bathroom he again pulls the bus over comes banging on the door and demands I come out of the bathroom and return to the seat he moved me to then told me not to move and if I need something ask him next he pulls into the Maryland state police station gets off the bus leaves the bus running and goes and gets a police officer and tells him I have been vapeing on the bus and wants me removed .The officer checks my id ask me have I been vapeing or do I have a pipe I tell the officer I have never Vaped a day in my life and emptied my pockets to prove I had no vaper .I was live on ig the whole time the driver stated it was illegal for me to record on Greyhound buses the officer told the driver that even if I was vapeing it is not illegal.This is sad that it's 2019 and this is still happening Racism and hate is judging before knowing.We are bigger than hate and all isims This will only make me fight harder and work longer .@stephaniestrasburg @cnn @tomwolf @govwolf @johnfetterman @naacp @donaldtrump @presidenttrump @whitehouse @justicedepartment @joshshapiro @derrickjohnson @abcworldnewstonight @cnbc @kaygeenbn @nbcnews @abcnews @donnabrazil @minyonmoore @wsjstockmarket @Greyhound @cbcnews @aclu_nationwide @naacp @lesterholtnbc @wpxidavidjohnson @wtaetv @naturbanleague @cbsnews @wpxi @cbspittsburgh @realdonaldtrump Boycott Greyhound! #strongerthanhate #cbs #nbc #nodaysoff #nomorehate #blacklivesmatter #whenwillitstop #trueleadershipcantbebought #runmorerhanyourmouth #nomoreracistdrivers #ifidontrepresentyounoonewill #willworks4youeverywhere #teamanderson2019 #Anderson2020

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Anderson claimed that the bus driver made him move from the back of the bus to the front seat without explanation, pulled the bus over and demanded Anderson return to the seat the driver moved him to when he was attempting to go to the bathroom before attempting to have him removed from the bus by police for vaping.

A Greyhound spokeswoman said the incident is currently under investigation.