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DUQUESNE (KDKA) – A woman that passed a school bus loading children in the City of Duquesne was driving under the influence, according to police.

According to a Facebook post by the City of Duquesne Police Department, a man driving a red Chevy Cruze passed a school bus with its red flashing lights on at approximately 3:40 p.m. Thursday.

Officials say that two officers were positioned on Grant Avenue monitoring school dismissal when they observed a red Chevy Cruze pass the school bus in the oncoming lane. Officers stopped the vehicle and found a 21-year-old female from Duquesne operating the car.

Authorities say that the officers initially noticed a strong smell of burnt and unburnt marijuana emitting from the car. Police say the driver appeared to be impaired.

The driver was given a field sobriety test where police determined she was under the influence. Officers arrested the woman for DUI.

After officers searched the vehicle, they found several small bags of marijuana, a pipe and numerous remains of burnt marijuana, according to a Facebook post.

The driver admitted to smoking marijuana before she got behind the wheel of the vehicle.

According to police, the woman was transported to the hospital for a blood draw. Police say they will file charges of DUI, narcotics violations and traffic offenses.