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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Two men from the Pittsburgh area died in a tragic accident along the Parkway East on Saturday night.

State Police say the drivers were out of their vehicles, when one of their cars, was hit by an oncoming motorist. The victims then fell from the Parkway onto Second Avenue where they were struck by a motorist below.

Photo Credit: Bryce Lutz/KDKA

State police identified the victims in the accident as 39-year-old Landen Manning Jones and 34-year-old Jason Hubert Jackson Sr.

The first part of the accident happened 30 feet above Second Avenue on the Parkway East. State police say one driver appears to have stopped to help another just before 4 p.m. approaching the Oakland exit.

Raw video of Trooper Melinda Bondarenka’s press conference:

“We had a disabled vehicle in the right lane prior to Oakland and another vehicle behind it, we think it was assisting that disabled vehicle,” Bondarenka said.

That’s when a third vehicle came along and struck the car behind the disabled vehicle.

State Police say the two men were standing in between the cars when the third car struck the second, causing another tragic piece of the accident to unfold.

“There was another vehicle traveling and we don’t know if the two individuals were struck by a vehicle or if they jumped to avoid being struck,” Bondarenka said.

State police say both men fell from the Parkway Overpass down onto Second Avenue. As they did, both were simultaneously stuck by another car.

KDKA’s Lisa Washington Reports:


Both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

Traffic was gridlocked for hours in every direction near Second Avenue and the Parkway East.

The berm where the motorists were standing police say is too narrow and never a safe place to stop.

“Put your flashers on we ask you to stay in our vehicle if you have a cell phone call for help,” Bondarenka said.

The driver of the car on Second Avenue was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The disabled vehicle also had a woman and child onboard. They were unharmed.