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SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) – Three years ago, a woman from Greenville Township was beaten inside her home and left for dead.

Now she is speaking out about the attack.

It is a frightening, terrible image — Rachel Moore, after surviving the savage attack.

“I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did,” she said.

Moore provided the photograph of the aftermath of her attack to better convey what she experienced the night she came home from work and walked into a nightmare.

Photo Credit: KDKA

“Went inside, didn’t expect anything,” Moore said. “I hung my keys on the hook. …”

Then it started.

“I turned to look and he was almost crouched down behind the doorway,” she said. “He just kind of lunged at me.”

Unrelenting, the attack happened inside Moore’s home.

“He put me in several choke holds,” she said. “He kept beating my head off the concert floor.”

As the assailant, believed to be a male, continued to assault Moore, she begged for mercy.

“It was just nonstop punches to my face,” Moore said.

Bleeding and unconscious, the attacker likely thought Moore was dead and left. Half awake, Moore found her cell phone and called 911.

“(I had) a brain bleed, a basal skull fracture, temple skull fracture, nose was broken and orbital fracture,” Moore said.

Rachel Moore (Photo Credit: KDKA)

For three years, Moore had to re-live the incident, and the worst part for her is her attacker is still out there.

“He know who I am I don’t know who he is,” she said.

In the dark, Moore couldn’t get a good look at her attacker. State police are asking for any help in finding him and solving this cold case.

As for Moore, she’s learned something about herself – she has a lot of courage.

As for her attacker …

“Only a coward can do that,” she said.