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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A block of homes iced in, a dangerous sheet of ice coming from above.

A woman on that block says she is not getting much help.

Spring water coming from a hill above homes in Millvale is not only doing damage to the homes, but it is running into the street and running down by the guardrail, damaging that area of the road as well.

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When it freezes, it makes the area almost impassable for homeowners Jamie Heffler and Sara McCown.

“It becomes dangerous for people to drive, to walk,” one of the homeowners said.

When it is not forming ice, it is a constant flow, a babbling brook eroding its way down the hillside – causing a lot of damage.

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“Our steps have shifted dramatically,” the homeowner said. “My neighbor’s retaining wall and my retaining wall have completely collapsed.”

They reached out to the borough of Millvale and to Reserve Township, where the water is coming from.

“Because it is private property, both boroughs are saying they can’t do anything about it.”

Photo Credit: KDKA

The fix is to find the source of the water and divert it through drainage pipes. But that can only be done with the cooperation of the property owner.

“We cannot leave our homes without risking serious injury,” the homeowner said.

The 154 acres above these homes in Millvale is owned by a holding company in Florida.

Reserve Township as well as the two homeowners have all tried to get ahold of the property owner to see if they can get this water shut off. So far, no one has been able to reach them.