By Brenda Waters

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CARRICK, Pa. (KDKA) – The early morning weather posed problems for not only daily commuters but for rad crews trying to make the ride in and around the area safe.

You don’t often see a salt truck on its side overturned, but that’s what happened this morning.

Kathy Durham and her husband Paul had a front row seat just after nine am at the intersection of Cedarcove and Steiner Streets — a little too close for comfort.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“We were sitting in our dining room drinking our coffee and my husband heard a noise,” Kathy Durham said. “We thought it was a plow truck coming down the hill dropping the plow.

That’s what it was alright.

After that loud noise, they looked outside and noticed that salt truck was coming through the corner to their back yard. It had overturned and dumped its load of salt and brought down power lines when the truck hit a utility pole.

“The truck driver was still in the truck when we came to the front door,” Durham said. “He was yelling and we said are you alright. He called 911, but the lines were down on the truck so we didn’t know what to do, so we waited for 911 to get here. He said he was ok.”

The Durham’s say the driver pushed on the door of the truck several times and finally broke out a window, but it was emergency crews that finally got him out. He walked down the hill to the ambulance.

The Baldwin Police Chief says he was transported to the hospital for observation and is expected to be fine.