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CRANBERRY TOWNSIP, Pa. (KDKA) — In homes across the Seneca Valley School District, this snow day was a pencils sharpened work day.

Eighth-grader Ava Corrigan as she sat in front of her laptop in her bedroom said, “It’s not very fun ‘cause everybody else can do what they want and sleep in and we’re stuck inside doing work.”

Photo Credit: KDKA

Superintendent Dr. Tracy Vitale says the Flexible Instruction Day (FID) allows a continuation of the classroom instruction on days that might otherwise be lost to the weather. “Students go into the student portal and there awaits their assignments.” Seneca Valley has used up it’s built in snow days so the FID days prevent the district from having to tack on days at the end of the school year.

Fifth-grader Cole Corrigan was less than thrilled as he did his reading assignment, “I think it’s just really hard and boring and you need a lot of help at times and I think it’s just a waste of time when you could be outside and playing.”

After all his sister Isabella who is in fourth grade points out, “The whole point of a snow day is so we can go out and play in the snow instead of being in school.”

Their third grade brother Kaiden is a bit more direct, “I have to do my stupid homework.”

He’s not the only one less than thrilled by handling the FID assignments. The kids mom, Kristi, says, “I’m not a huge fan its kind of hard with multiple kids to get everything done and keep it all under control.”

FID may avoid a makeup day down the road but 9th grader Emma Corrigan says the assignments are not in line with what they are currently learning in school. And she says, “It’s just like easier in school because you have everything in front of you.”

Superintendent Vitale says they did a survey of parents about the FID program and found out, “They didn’t love it because it is a lot of work but they are pleased that they can make up the days and the days count.”

While the kids have ten days to do the work Kristi Corrigan makes sure her six kids get it done the same day.

The state approval that allows FID days to count as days of instruction will end at the end of this school year. Seneca Valley is currently working with members of the state legislature to get legislation passed that will keep the program going.

FID did get one tiny thumb up in the Corrigan household from 1st grader, 6-year-old Sofia, “It’s good and I love doing homework with my mom because I like how she helps me with everything she’s really nice and I love her.”