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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One Chartiers Valley school teacher is making dismissal time a little more fun and unique.

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When a class lets out at Chartiers Valley Intermediate School, Amanda Beckett lets her students chose how they’ll say goodbye for the day.

It could be a high five, a hug, encouraging words or even a dance move.

She calls it their exit ticket.

“I think it just tells them that I want them to have a good day,” said Beckett. “It brings a positive note to the end of their class. And they get that personal connection. Some kids don’t want to hug you, but want a high five, or you to tell them they did a good job and make them feel good for the day.”


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Beckett says she got the idea from other teachers on social media, and says she’s not alone.

“You came to just my room, but you would see this kind of stuff, maybe not the same exit ticket, but you would see the same positive interaction between teachers and students here,” she said.

Even her classroom is a little different, allowing students to pick what type of seat they use during class.

“It’s giving them that choice in their education. So the whole idea behind it is we teach them different curriculum and things that they need, but they get to choose their best learning seat,” said Beckett. “So they can use exercise balls, wobble stools, bean bags, or they can sit at a traditional table with a regular chair.”

And when the work is done, it’s all about ending on a positive note.

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“Even if it’s just a quick high five, or, ‘Hey, you did great today and I’m proud of you,’ it does, it changes the rest of their day, and I think it sets them off to either going to their next classes or going home in a positive way,” she added.