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SMITHFIELD BOROUGH, Pa. (KDKA) — A Fayette County pharmacy is a mess after a teenager driver, without a permit or license, plowed into the business while driving a pick-up truck.

The crash happened Monday afternoon at the Smithfield Pharmacy near the intersection of Main and Church Streets in Smithfield Borough.

The store sustained significant damage, but emergency officials said no one was injured.

(Photo Credit: Ross Guidotti/KDKA)

KDKA’s Ross Guidotti reports the teen girl’s parents were in the truck with her at the time of the crash; however, she had not license or learner’s permit to be behind the wheel.

“I suddenly heard the crash and the boom, and I looked up and realized it was a vehicle running into the building,” said the owner of the pharmacy, James Lynn.

After the wreck, Lynn got a look at the people in the truck.

“It was a father as a passenger allowing his teenage daughter to drive for whatever reason,” he said. “We were told she doesn’t have a license or even a permit.”

Police confirmed that information, but have not released any names.

The father and daughter, who face numerous traffic citations, went to the hospital for observation.

Comments (2)
  1. 20 years ago, the parents would both be charged with felony’s. In today’s Liberal run judicial system…what do YOU think will happen?
    I will just tell you, it will be minor at best. Traffic citation, fine, and maybe some community service, that’ll be it.
    Now, IF someone had been seriously injured or killed, different story. Parents are VERY lucky for that.
    I’m nominating both parents for Darwin awards.

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