By Ron Smiley

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Every meteorologist knows that when someone realizes what you do, that questions will soon follow.

The questions are being asked to see if you’re going to be correct or not.

What’s the number one question we are asked? That’s simple. It’s “What’s the weather going to be like?”

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At certain times of the year, the questions get more focused, though and over the last week most have asked me specifically, “are we done with snow for the year?”

My answer? Nope, probably not.

Now, I realize that cheapens the fact that I say “nope” right off the bat. There is a reason for that. Spring begins on Wednesday and temperatures are warming up. But this is western Pennsylvania and winter doesn’t completely let go until May. You don’t have to go too far back to see exactly what I am talking about.

Photo Credit: KDKA

Last year in April, Pittsburgh recorded 7.3 inches of snow. Just a trace amount of snow fell in 2017 but we saw 3.1 inches of snow in April of 2016. In 2015 and 2014, we saw less than a half inch of snow falling combined for the month.

While snow totals aren’t that impressive every year during the month of April, there is still a solid chance for snow. I’d put the chance for accumulating snow for the rest of the season at around 90 percent. The chance for us seeing more than an inch of snow in a single day through May probably stands at around 60 percent.

If you’re not a snow lover, the good news is that model data is showing no snow for Pittsburgh over the next 10 days.

Temperatures this week will start off cool with highs Monday just topping 40 degrees. Mid-40s are expected Tuesday with highs in the mid-50s on Wednesday. The only chance for rain the rest of the week arrives late Wednesday through Thursday morning as light rain moves in from the northwest. The rain wraps up early on Thursday morning and will mean temperatures back around 50 on Thursday and Friday.

Spring officially begins on Wednesday but spring-like weather won’t arrive until the weekend. Highs on Saturday should be close to 60 with highs approaching 70 on Sunday. Both days should be dry.