By Bob Allen

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Benjamin Johnson wants everyone to know that his children are well-fed and were never neglected.

It did not appear that way on Thursday when his two-year-old son was found outside naked. The child walked away from his mother’s house on Jacunda Street.

Johnson, who lives on the same street, says the toddler was found by his older brothers.

“I came home from work and my kids were outside cleaning up the yard,” Johnson said. “They came in the house with my youngest son Andrew, he’s butt naked and said look who we found walking through the yard. I immediately called the cops.”

When police showed up, they took the child back to his mother’s house. Officers say living conditions were not great with feces on the floor and garbage inside.

They say Tina Anderson, the child’s mother, appeared intoxicated.

“My baby took his diaper off, I would too if you didn’t change me and then he stepped in it and tracked it on the carpet a little bit,” Johnson said.

Anderson is charged with child endangerment and possession. Johnson said she’s not a bad mother but she has a drug problem.

“She needs it, I hope she accepts it and maybe this will let her know it’s time to wake up,” Johnson said.