PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With Avengers: Endgame headed to theaters, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History is inviting fans to hunt for all six ‘Infinity Stones.’

On Friday, April 26 — the same day that the new movie hits theaters — the museum will unleash the “Avengers Scavenger Hunt.”

All six gems in the Infinity Gauntlet will be hidden throughout the museum for the scavenger hunt:

1. The Reality Stone — Rhodochrosite from Colorado
2. The Soul Stone — Fire opal from Mexico
3. The Mind Stone — Fluorite from Illinois
4. The Space Stone — Azurite from Australia
5. The Power Stone — Amethyst from Brazil
6. The Time Stone — Emerald from Colorado

And the hunt doesn’t end when visitors find all six infinity stones: There will be 12 other Avengers-themed items hidden throughout the museum, including a hawk for Hawkeye, a raccoon for Rocket and an item related to Groot.

Want to find out what they are? Start hunting.