By Amy Wadas

SHADYSIDE (KDKA) — A massive tree came crashing down on top of a vehicle in Shadyside on Friday afternoon.

(Photo Credit: Maryann Steiner)

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“I see a branch, there’s a branch falling, and then all of a sudden we were trapped,” passenger Maryann Steiner said.

“I felt like a thump, and I just saw, like, the windshield shattering in front of me,” driver Kirsi Jansa said.

This is how Steiner and Jansa describe a massive tree that fell on their car around 1 p.m. Friday.

“The door opened, that was good,” Steiner said.

(Photo Credit: Maryann Steiner)

Jansa said she just bought the electric Hyundai two weeks ago in Baltimore. But now, it’s totaled. The back window was shattered, and the roof and front of the car was dented in several spots.

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“The police said that had it been, like, just one foot or had we been one foot farther, like half a second … it would have hit either the windshield or on our heads,” Jansa said.

The tree was so large it covered the entire stretch of Ellsworth Avenue.

(Photo Credit: Maryann Steiner)

What makes the story even more bizarre is where the women were headed.

“I was just showing her a brochure that we were gonna show to the people we were gonna meet and it has on top a Dr. Seuss sticker that says ‘I speak for the trees,'” Jansa said.

“She was just showing it to me, and then the the tree came to speak to us,” Steiner said.

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Police on scene said the tree pulled down a cable line across the street. Jansa said she wants to replace the car with the same type of car and is willing to drive to Baltimore again to do so.