PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Joon Woo Baik, 24, was convicted of sexual assault when his jury trial wrapped up on Tuesday.

Baik sexually assaulted a female Pitt student in an apartment on Morewood Avenue in Shadyside September of last fall. Baik was a CMU student.

Police were called to the apartment when Baik’s neighbor heard a woman screaming that she wanted to leave. Police found some scratches and marks on the victim’s neck when they interviewed her at a local hospital. When police interviewed Baik, he told officers he gave the victim Jack Daniels. Baik told police he knew she was drunk and took her into his bedroom, where they had sex.

Baik told police he recorded the encounter on his phone “in case something like this happened.”

When police asked Baik if the victim knew she was being recorded, he said no. When police interviewed the victim, she said she was so drunk she could not have consented to sexual activity. She said she didn’t consent to being recorded either. When police reviewed the recording, they say the victim could be heard telling Baik to stop multiple times.

KDKA asked some current Pitt students and recent graduates if they’ve ever felt threatened. Here’s what they had to say.

“Freshman year, one experience where somebody grabbed my arm,” said recent Pitt grad Natalie Lotter.

“I do remember junior year a sign on the door when we came back saying someone was assaulted in a neighborhood where we stayed at time,” said recent Pitt grad Marissa Gavin.

“I usually go home very early school ends at 4 and go directly home,” said Pitt sophomore Cindy Yi. I will seldom go to parties.”

Baik is scheduled to be sentenced in July.