By Bob Allen

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Runners come from the local area and the rest of the world to take part in the annual Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon.

They run for fun, money, maintaining good health and supporting worthy causes.

Matt Scoletti wore and 11-pound weighted vest in honor of the eleven people killed in the Tree of Life massacre.

“This city has supported me like I’ve never seen in my life,” he said. “They support every runner. It’s the people that keep me going and keep me moving.”

“Every single neighborhood really comes out to support the runners,” said Kim Mangan, a runner in today’s marathon.

There was lots of love and encouragement for runners in the city’s Homewood neighborhood.

“We welcome them, we cheer them on and try to motivate them to get through the rest of the race,” said marathon volunteer Natisha Washington.

A few blocks away, runners had a chance to run briefly with a retired greyhound to give them a lift.

“As you know at mile 18, people aren’t feeling real spry about this time of the marathon, so it really picks their spirits up,” said David Anderson of Steel City Greyhounds.

By the time they reached Bloomfield, at just over 22 miles, there was more support and high fives from Bethany Bowman, Sarah Olesky and others.

“There’s nothing like watching the marathon, the spirit is just amazing. Everyone from the front of the pack to the back,” said Bowman.

“They’re strangers, but they feel what we’re giving to them. We run marathons, so we know how this feels,” added Olesky.