MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — Extras are needed for the next round of filming for the movie “Unsinkable,” which is taking place in McKees Rocks.

It will be filmed on a stage, so everything will be filmed indoors. The pay is $10/hour.

The filming will take place over three days:

  • Monday June 3 – Men ages 18 and older to play First Class Passengers, will also be needed on Wednesday June 5.
  • Tuesday June 4 – Men and women ages 18 and older to play crew, first class and second class steerage passengers.
  • Wednesday June 5 – Men and women ages 18 and older to play first class, second class and steerage passengers.

Extras are asked to fit certain requirements in order to look the way people did in 1912.

Men are asked to have either full beards, mustaches or clean-shaven faces. No 5 o’clock shadow. Women should have no highlights and solid hair colors along with natural nails.

Those interested should send their current picture to with their name, phone number, location and age. They should also indicate in the subject line which day they would like to be an extra.