SHALER TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) — Teachers devote their time and effort to being there for children, but a local teacher went above and beyond for one of hers.

At Shaler Area School District’s Burchfield Elementary School, Mrs. Laura Roth wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy for one of her students.

It said her first-grade student Lily lost a tooth but “it was tragically thrown away by accident.”

“She came back to class after lunch and she was so upset, and she thought the tooth fairy wouldn’t know she lost her tooth,” Roth told KDKA.

The letter goes on to say that they will try to find Lily’s lost tooth, but they were pretty sure it was a lost cause. And if the tooth fairy had any questions or concerns, Mrs. Roth would be happy to address them.

“It’s just what you do for them when you’re a teacher. You do what makes your students happy. You do what’s best for them even if that’s a note to the tooth fairy,” Roth said.

The letter must have worked because when Lily woke up today, she found another note. This one was from the Tooth Fairy herself.

It thanked Lily for the note and said maybe she’ll go to the school and look for Lily’s lost tooth.

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“She was very relieved and excited to come in today and share her story with everybody,” the first-grade teacher said.

The letter also congratulated Lily on losing her third tooth and wished her a happy birthday.

The Tooth Fairy left her signature in blue sparkles.