PITTSBURGH (KDKDA) – Carnegie Mellon University is going to the moon.

The Pittsburgh university is developing a rover that is expected to land on the moon in July 2021.

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The robot will be one of the first American rovers to explore the surface of the moon.

The four-wheeled robot, equipped with video cameras, is being developed by a team led by a professor of robotics, William “Red” Whittaker.

There is also an arts package called MoonArk that will join the rover.

MoonArk, which weighs about half a pound, has four chambers that will contain hundreds of images, poems, music and samples of earth that a press release says “blur the boundaries between worlds seen and unseen.”

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Both the robot and the MoonArk will be delivered by a Peregrine lander built by Astrobotic Inc., a CMU spinoff company based in Pittsburgh.

Last week, NASA awarded a $79.5 million contract to Astrobotic to deliver 14 payloads to the moon — and CMU’s is one of them.

“CMU robots have been on land, on the sea, in the air, underwater and underground,” said Whittaker in a press release. “The next frontier is the high frontier.”

The robot will land near Lacus Mortis, or the Lake of Death, which is a large pit of huge interest to scientists.

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The rover will provide the first ground-level imagery of the site.