PENN HILLS (KDKA) – A woman charged in connection to the Penn Hills fatal hit and run appeared before the judge Monday.

Modesty Hopper, 21-years-old, faces a charge of allegedly hindering a police investigation.

In an effort to avoid any additional charges, Hopper’s attorney, Casey White, advised her to waive her hearing.

Her formal arraignment is scheduled for the end of July.

“Our position would be and remains that she did assist in the investigation,” said White. “She opened her door to authorities. She allowed them to have her car. She allowed them to have her cell phone.”

She reportedly allowed Surron Burch to borrow her car on the night of the crash.

He is accused of hitting Morris and not stopping. Burch is facing an involuntary manslaughter charge.

Police accused Hopper of changing her story when first asked about her car’s damage. Detectives said she told them her car was hit by a fallen tree branch. She then reportedly told police she was behind the wheel and hit a tree.

Police now believe two cars hit Morris that night, and one of them — still not identified — dragged him nearly a half mile down Hershey Road.

White said this information might help his client because it proves she never had any information about Burch dragging a person with her car.

“It’s clear that her confusion is credible,” said White. “So I think as this case unfolds I think it will benefit our position or strengthen our position that we have.”

Meghan Schiller