PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With Port Authority’s new wristbands, gone are the days of scrambling to find your ConnectCard to make your bus on time.

The public transportation company is piloting ConnectBands — wristbands that can be used in place of the reusable fare payment cards known as a ConnectCards.

Riders can simply tap their bracelet on the farebox to pay for their ride on a Port Authority vehicle. Reloading fare payment works the same way as it does with ConnectCards — users can do so online, at Port Authority’s various machines throughout the city or at participating retailers like Giant Eagle and Goodwill.

However, ConnectBands and ConnectCards are not interchangeable. Port Authority says that the balances will be linked to two different accounts.

A limited number of the ConnectBands will be available for free at Port Authority’s downtown service center next Thursday.