DUQUESNE (KDKA) — A couple that fled the scene of a Taco Bell after a female allegedly pulled a gun inside the establishment have been arrested.

According to City of Duquesne Police, just before 2:00 p.m., officers were sent to the restaurant on Hoffman Boulevard for a female threatening other with a gun.

Officers were told that an argument began in the parking lot between a male and individuals inside the Taco Bell. Then, the female allegedly pulled out a gun, threatened to shoot employees and pointed the gun at children inside the restaurant.

The couple fled the scene but witnesses were able to provide police with a license plate number, which was traced to an address in Duquesne where officers arrested the couple and recovered the weapon.

A 33-year-old male and 32-year-old female are being charged with violations of the Uniforms Firearms Act, four counts of simple assault, terroristic threats, recklessly endangered another person and endangering the welfare of a child.