HARRISBURG, Pa. (KDKA) — Pennsylvanians advocating for more research into childhood cancer cases in Southwestern Pennsylvania took their message to the state Capitol Wednesday.

They want Gov. Tom Wolf to take a closer look at the potential impact gas drilling may have on the health of families in Pennsylvania.

Activists, along with families who have loved ones who have died or are battling cancer, have asked for more intensive assessments.

“They are scared and they are now living in an upside-down world,” one activist said. “Two dozen have a cancer called Ewings Sarcoma, which is so rare there are only 200 or 250 cases in the whole United States.”

Another speaker said, “Fracking has been described as an uncontrolled health experiment on an enormous scale, and Pennsylvania has become the testing ground. Many of the strongest studies are coming from this state.”

But the Marcellus Shale Coalition argues that many who spoke on Wednesday are anti-gas activists, issuing this statement:

“We are disappointed that some choose to sensationalize tragedy and make inflammatory suggestions that run counter to the views of respected medical experts, top environmental and health regulators, and decades of scientific data and research.”