SOUTH HUNTINGTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Some residents in Westmoreland County say nothing is done about a sinkhole that has been along a local road for two years.

Eileen Vidale lives across the railroad tracks in nearby Smithton.

“There’s a water pipe in there that broke and I think that’s why it caved in,” said Vidale.

She said this sinkhole has been on her mind for a while and is concerned that someone will end up 10 feet in the ground.

“A lot of people have slowed down because of the road being so bad. Not just here but the entire road but you still have your ones that go pretty fast,” said Vidale.

Vidale said most of the locals know about the hole but others don’t.

“We do have another local road that’s closed so now we have other people traveling here that aren’t aware of this,” said Vidale.

The hole sits between these CSX railroad tracks and river road near the railroad crossing.

“From what I understand, there’s a battle between CSX and PennDOT on who’s going to fix it and be responsible,” said Vidale.

PennDOT said River Road near the sinkhole is stable. The issue has been brought to their attention before and are still trying to figure out if PennDot or CSX owns the property.

“PennDOT did come out and put some cones up, put a little more gravel in, but they’re afraid to do anything for fear of breaking the fiber optic line,” said Vidale.

Vidale says there needs to be a permanent fix before it’s too late.

CSX said this is not their property.