PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Chatham students are making the most of whatever summer sun we have by planting crops to nourish low-income communities in the Pittsburgh area.

In a new partnership with the Food Bank’s mobile farmers market program, Chatham is planting crops to supply the Food Bank with fresh produce.

Chatham is making the most of its 400-acre Eden Hall, which has sustainable agriculture areas like an orchard, an apiary and maple tapping.

One acre was leased to the Food Bank, which helped students decide which crops would best serve the communities to be fed through the program.

“We’re proud to support the Green Grocer program, which is so vital for our local communities who don’t have easy access to fresh, healthy food in their neighborhoods,” says Eden Hall Farm Director Tony Miga.

“Our goal on the Eden Hall farm is to make sure everything we do either benefits local food production, Chatham academics or the regional community. “