NORTH SIDE (KDKA) — It was a little windy today, but look at it this way: the first day of summer has blown in, the sun is shining — so put on your sunglasses and enjoy.

North Park was filled with folks out and about seeing something we haven’t witnessed for weeks — the sun.

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People were paddle boarding and kayaking on the lake, walking, jogging and biking. Pamela Weston of Middlesex Township was paddle boarding.

“Can’t believe it. Not raining!” Weston exclaimed. “Sun! Sun! We see sun!”

North Park was the place to be. Alana Sacriponte is originally from Lower Burrell but now lives in Europe with her husband, Roberto Ronzulli.

“I live in Rome, Italy. I work for Duquesne University, but I’m here at home visiting family with my husband,” Sacriponte said.

“On the first day of summer and also my husband’s birthday. So we’re celebrating at North Park for a beautiful bike ride in the sun.”

Her husband added, “I guess it’s a good way to celebrate. It’s summer indeed, so let’s have fun!”

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(Credit: KDKA)

And when you see the “Welcome To Snowball Day” sign at the Carnegie Science Center, you know what time it is. The first day of summer, when you get to launch those frozen snowballs from the winter into the Ohio River.

Some kids were using a snow crossbow, but 9-year-old Otis Mitchell of the South Side arrived with a cooler filled with snowballs and a technique all his own. He lays on his back and lets it ride.

(Credit: KDKA)

Waters: “So what do you think about this first day of summer? Pretty good?”
Mitchell: “Yes.”
Waters: “Thumbs up?”
Mitchell: “Yes.”
Waters: “No rain?”
Mitchell: “Yes.”
Waters: “And a cooler full of snowballs?”
Mitchell: “Yes.”

And everyone recognizes the sound of Gus’ Shaving Ic. He’s the icy ball man and people were lined up to get one on the North Side.

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But you know all good things must come to an end. Summer ends Monday, September 23 and it will be here before you know it, so enjoy.