PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The first storm of the summer brought rain, wind and lightning to the area.

It caused some damage to Beaver County, where several houses are without power.

The weather has since calmed down, but earlier in the night, heavy rain and wind brought down trees and power lines.

“We had a pretty fast, hard thunderstorm comings through,” said resident Jim Shay.

In Beaver County, a tree knocked down power to one half of Buffalo Street.

“The tree fell on the wire and sparks just started to go everywhere. Scared the heck out of me,” said another resident.

Shay said it was like a fireworks show when a transformer began to spark.

It brought down live wires, and Shay said his neighbor was stuck in his truck in what could have been a potentially dangerous situation.

Utility crews say power will be off until midnight or later.

They say they’re working until power can be restored.