PERRY SOUTH (KDKA) — Two teen boys were found shot on Norwood Avenue in Perry South right in front of a daycare center.

Parents like Zharae Lawery were relieved when they could finally pick us their kids from Angels’ Place.

The shooting happened right out front on Norwood Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

Oftentimes, the kids play in the grass out front.

“It’s scary and disappointing,” said Lawery.

“It’s broad daylight. That shouldn’t happen,” said one neighbor.

A man who lives about a block away was going to trim some weeds when he says he heard multiple gunshots nearby.

“I was halfway down block heard five six shots then heard more heard then coming through trees. Made me realize wasn’t fireworks it was bullets,” he said.

Amy Wadas: “What went through mind when heard that?”

Neighbor: “To duck. Duck when heard that sound. Gotta get out of the way.”

Police believe the shooting started in one spot then migrated up the street.

A lot of people were outside their homes watching as police gathered evidence and hoping that the two teens will be okay.

“They’re teens. Don’t even have a life yet. Just killing each other doesn’t make sense,” he said. It’s broad daylight. It’s hot as hell out. You gotta have something else to do. Go to pool or something.”

One teen is in stable and the other in critical condition.

It’s unclear what sparked the shooting. There’s still no word on suspects.

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