BUTLER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Bears have been captured on Ring doorbell cameras all over the country, getting into mischief of one kind or another.

In Florida, a bear did his best to get into a trashcan that was tied shut. In California, another bear got up on his hind legs and tried to break down the door of someone’s house.

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And, in New Mexico, a bear climbed up onto someone’s deck to take a drink from the hummingbird feeder.

Now, western Pennsylvania has its own Ring doorbell bear.

(Source: Malloy Family/Ring)

“Yesterday morning, my husband was like, ‘Oh my goodness,’ and I was still in the bedroom. The dogs were barking as usual, and he’s like, ‘There’s a bear, there’s a bear,’” said Jennifer Malloy, of Butler Township.

The cub came knocking at the home of the Malloy family in the Woodbury Estates neighborhood in Butler Township.

“Came right up the side of our yard, walked out in front of our house,” said Jennifer. “Then, a couple
minutes later, came back up on our porch, sniffed here, sniffed here, and then looked right inside that window.”

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The little guy didn’t bother anyone or damage anything. He was more curious than anything.

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But the Malloys felt like they had to let the neighbors know that someone new has moved in, at least temporarily.

“We have a lot of small children in this area,” Jennifer said. “Like I said, they play on the road in front of our home; and, of course, you don’t want them trying to approach the bear or take a selfie or anything crazy like that.

The family is now taking a good look around each time they walk outside, just in case the little cub is still in the area.

But for the most part, they’re taking it all in stride.

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“I was a little scared, but my husband thought it was the best thing ever,” said Jennifer.