MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) — Neighbors in Moon Township are drying out after another weekend of storms.

They tell KDKA it is becoming routine to see the creek behind their homes flood their properties, and they want something done.

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“We lost tons of stuff three times,” Lyida Ratti said.

Ratti has lived next to the creek on the 100 block of Flaugherty Run Road for almost 20 years. To her, it’s becoming an unbearable and unwelcomed neighbor that’s taking a toll on her home.

“I’ve lost everything twice in my basement,” she said while showing KDKA the creek.

Anna Trunzo is Ratti’s neighbor. She’s lived in her house for about 30 years, and she has the same problems.

After walking through her yard, KDKA found plants that were crushed under the flood waters.

Trunzo said the problem is getting worse because the trees on the other side of the creek have fallen in to the water and are creating a dam. She feels this is causing the water to be forced into their yards and homes.

“The creek keeps moving that way, so the hillside keep coming down,” Trunzo said.

Trunzo has gone as far as calling her state representative to resolve this issue, but nothing has been solved.

“I want somebody to take care of this creek,” Trunzo said. “Somebody [has] to clean it up.”

Trunzo said the neighbors have been told they can’t clean up the creek without a permit because it’s not their property.

“I want to move desperately, but tell me who do you think is going to buy this property when they come and see that tree?” Ratti said.

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PennDOT sent out crews Monday to look at the issue, but they are not sure if they are responsible for fixing it. As of Monday, other state departments have not given KDKA an answer as to who is responsible.