PHILADELPHIA (KDKA)– Andrew McCutchen may not have been participating in the MLB All-Star Game this season, but his wife ensured he had a memorable experience for the event.

The former Pirates great has been sidelined with an ACL injury as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies this season, so since he was not eligible to participate, his family made the most of the situation.

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Maria McCutchen took it upon herself to throw Cutch an All-Star Game viewing party, including a red carpet, balloons, cake, National League apparel and pictures of great memories from the family. The McCutchens hosted what looked to be a pretty awesome event!

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Watch the video below to see all of the amenities included in the McCutchen All-Star Game Viewing Party:

“.@MLB, can we write-in Maria McCutchen for @AllStarGame MVP? (via @TheCUTCH22)”

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“My wife said that since I didn’t have the chance to be an All Star, she wanted to bring the All Star game to me🥰😢. I can’t thank my wife @mariamccutchen enough for all of this! I’m still amazed at how she did all of this without me knowing🤔🤦🏾‍♂️😂. To all who came, thank you. What a surprise! The coolest thing…the cake topper! Check my story out if you want to see/hear more!”