PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The heat and humidity is forcing everyone in the Pittsburgh region to rethink ways to stay cool and hydrated.

Pools and spray parks have been busy because of the recent high temperatures, but so are doctor’s offices.

And next week, the forecast shows more high temperatures.

“It’s sticky, hot. I want to cry, but I tolerate it,” Anita Hopkins said.

While there is no time limit to exactly how long you can be outdoors in these temperatures, doctors say the elderly and very young should monitor their outdoor exposure.

“An older patient, I’d probably limit it to thirty minutes, maybe less depending on their medical condition,” Dr. Marc Itskowitz of Allegheny Health Network said.

In the extreme heat and humidity, outdoor time should be limited, especially midday — even for those who don’t have medical issues.

Simple activities like waiting for the bus or working outside could turn into a medical emergency.

Dr. Itskowitz has already seen cases of dehydration and heat stroke over the last few days as the humidity makes you sweat more, causing dehydration to happen faster.

Doctors recommend taking frequent breaks and drinking lots of water to help beat the heat.

If you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or confused, go see a doctor.

You can find information on the city’s recreation centers here and healthy living centers here.