BELLEVUE, Pa. (KDKA) – A consumer alert has been issued for R & B’s Pizza Place after the health department found a high-risk health violation and several other violations.

The Allegheny County Health Department’s food safety assessment report says food in the sandwich preparation cooler and the pizza preparation cooler were being held at least 13 degrees above the required temperature.

Chicken in the sandwich preparation cooler was being held at 55 degrees, says the report. The required temperature is 41.

The health department says the walk-in cooler’s temperature was also above the required temperature, with chicken and tomatoes being stored at 44 to 45 degrees.

The rest of the violations ranged from medium-risk to low-risk.

The ambient air temperatures of the coolers were too high, food wasn’t marked with dates, the dumpster lid was open and the health permit wasn’t posted for the public to see.

The operator said the permit was removed because they were going to knock down the wall and expand.