JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – Alex Fink, 57, was confronted by something totally unexpected last weekend, and he lived to tell the story.

KDKA News caught up with Fink in Jackson Township Wednesday evening on his way back to his home in Venango County.

He was attacked by a large bobcat. The animal was hiding in a crawl space beneath Fink’s home.

The feline’s face was covered with porcupine quills.

“When I put my hand in (the crawl space), next thing I knew, that cat is coming right at me,” Fink said.

“I mean, as soon as my hand went into the cat’s vision, I guess she thought I was trying to get her. She came barreling right at me.”

Fink’s arms, head and upper torso were scratched and bitten by the bobcat. He was rushed to a Grove City Hospital where he was treated and given the first of several rabies vaccinations.

(Photo Credit: Bryce Lutz/KDKA)

Fink moved to Venango County from Pittsburgh about a decade ago.

Fink explained: “I was trying to kick it off me, punch it, but every time it bit me I could hear crunch, crunch, crunch; I thought the attack would never end.”

By the time Fink got home from the hospital, the bobcat had been put down and removed from the crawl space by Pennsylvania Game Commission Officers, who used a noose on a pole to pull the animal out of his hiding place.

And, the bobcat was rabid.

Fink said he’ll be getting another rabies vaccination on Saturday.