PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York kicked off a bus tour of several critical states that President Donald Trump won in the 2016 election.

“Welcome to the Trump Broken Promises bus tour,” Gillibrand said Thursday as she stepped off her bus at a hotel in Oakland.

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“We’re going to find all the broken promises across these three states that Trump has made,” Gillibrand said. “And we’re going to talk about real promises and real solutions to the problems people have.”

(Photo Credit: Matthew Carlins/KDKA)

One of 25 2020 Democratic president candidates, Gillibrand was clear why she started this tour in Pittsburgh.

“Because I think Trump lied to the people of Pennsylvania about their lives,” Gillibrand said. “We’re going to talk today about the lies he made about lowering prescription drug prices.”

Gillibrand is following the footsteps of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, who earlier campaigned in this region knowing that the President carried every single county in Western PA except Allegheny County.

But like the others, Gillibrand says Trump sold people here a bill of goods.

“What we now know is that he lied to everyone,” Gillibrand said.

Gillibrand took part in a roundtable discussion Thursday about the pharmaceutical industry and prescription drug prices.

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She listened to a panel of local health care workers, many from UPMC, who complained about inadequate health insurance.

Gillibrand says Trump’s broken promises not only include failure to lower health care costs and protect pre-existing conditions, but also his failure to create new jobs.

“He said, ‘I’m going to bring back those jobs. You’re going to get so tired of winning.’ Really? Are we tired of winning?

“No, in fact, we’re not because he has not done the things he promised to do,” Gillibrand said.

Claims that President Trump promised more than he has delivered ⁠— especially on jobs, trade, and health care ⁠— are likely to become familiar refrains as all the Democratic candidates pass through this region.

Gillibrand, who is polling at around one percent of the Democrats, is working hard to become better known.

She also has stops in Ohio and Michigan.

A Trump campaign official released this statement on Gillibrand’s stop in Pittsburgh.

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“No one takes Kirsten Gillibrand seriously because she practically holds the world record for broken promises,” a Trump campaign official told KDKA political editor Jon Delano. She broke her promise to always stand with the NRA in support of gun rights, she broke her promise to build the border wall, and she broke her promise to oppose free health care for illegal immigrants.”