By Pam Surano

MONROEVILLE (KDKA) — The rains and high water caused a number of problems on Wall Avenue between Monroeville and Pitcairn today.

The section of the road that has reopened is Pitcairn Road in Monroeville, it leads to Wall Avenue in Pitcairn where that section of the road is still down to one lane.

Allegheny County Public Works was here for hours assessing the issues, cleaning up the gravel and mud on the road and also fixing what broke today.

This stream alongside the road is Dirty Camp Run, it’s a smaller stream that feeds into Turtle Creek.

Residents say it usually runs only about a half foot high, today it was running very high and fast from all the heavy rains.

As the water rose it flowed under and over the road and the water pushed through a retaining wall at Pitcairn Road where it intersects with Taylor Street.

The powerful water pushed through a metal basket fence and washed out a portion of Pitcairn Road.

Residents that drive and live near here say they have never seen this happen.

“At first I thought the hillside maybe was but apparently the road is closed, I’ll have to find a different way,” said Michael Schroeder of Monroeville.

As Pitcairn Road turns into Wall Avenue the heavy rains pushed large cement blocks into the creek in Pitcairn.

The large blocks were placed here as part of a retaining wall after the flooding back in 1997. Pitcairn Public works were here today assessing what happened.

The road is down to one lane and some residents did have water in their basements.

The water has receded off the road but traffic is still done to one lane on Wall Avenue in Pitcairn however traffic is flowing freely again on the Pitcairn Road section in Monroeville.