PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto says on Twitter he plans on running for reelection in the year 2021.

The announcement was prompted following an exchange between the mayor and a Twitter user.

Mayor Peduto was responding to a tweet comparing the death of Pittsburgh Police Officer Calvin Hall to the officer-involved shooting death of teenager Antwon Rose II by an East Pittsburgh Police officer.

The initial tweet asked:

“I wonder if our mayor will be as dogged in his thirst for justice in the murder of a hero cop as our mayor was in trying to lynch the hero cop who had to take down a kid who had moments earlier helped shoot up his community while attempting to kill a fellow human. I wonder.”

The mayor then quote-tweeted the user, responding with:

“‘Had to?’ ‘Had to?’ ‘Had to?’ I would suggest looking into PA Laws regarding use of force & the escalation of force, then ask, do they follow accredited best practices of law enforcement? We are committed to find Officer Hall’s killer & we will. Good to know Laguna Beach cares.”

In the comments of Mayor Peduto’s tweet, those opposed to him and his administration call him out.

One saying, “He has 2 more years.”

The mayor responding by saying, “Running for re-election in 2021. Bring it.”

Peduto was first elected mayor of Pittsburgh in November of 2013.