CHICAGO (CNN/KDKA)– If you could eat a hotdog, would you also sleep inside one?

There is a replica of the famous Oscar Mayer Windermobile that you can rent out and sleep in.

The one-bedroom, one-bath Wienermobile is listed as a “camper/RV” on Airbnb and is located in the Chicago area. It’s priced at $136 a night.

The photos in the listing show comfortable accommodations for two people. There’s a big, comfy-looking bed near the front, just behind the steering wheel.

The bed can convert into a couch, decorated with a humourous throw pillow that reads “I’m just here for the hot dogs.”

The place also comes with a mini-fridge, an Oscar Mayer grill, Wienermobile art, a welcome kit for each guest, and of course outdoor space.

But the best part is that there’s no wifi, TV, kitchen, or heat, so you have no choice but to take in the great outdoors.