PENN HILLS (KDKA) — Surron Burch, the alleged driver of the car that struck and killed Joseph Morris, appeared in court today to face charges.

The 51-year-old Morris died last April after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver on Hershey Road in Penn Hills then dragged more than a half-mile to Universal Road.

Police were tipped off about a damaged blue Saturn parked in McKeesport and that led to the arrest of the alleged driver 21-year-old Burch.

However, Burch’s defense attorney maintains his innocence.

“It’s a terrible situation, but my client didn’t hit him and drag him a half-mile,” said Kerry Lewis, the defense attorney.

Lewis doesn’t deny that Morris was hit by the car Burch was driving, but he thinks he came down in the opposite lane and was hit again by a second vehicle.

“I’m certain we’ll come to the conclusion that the car that was coming south, the second car, hit that man and rolled him up under the carriage and carried him,” Lewis added.

Police are still looking for a second driver in the accident, but Burch did not surrender immediately and the owner of the car was charged for not cooperating with detectives.

Members of the Morris family were also in the courtroom, but they did not comment about the defense attorney’s theory of a second car being involved.

“He’s a defense attorney and he’s doing his job,” said Lisa Morris, the victim’s sister. “If we want to quote some famous people, ‘Do your job.'”

Burch was held over for trial on homicide by vehicle and other charges.

The Morris Family believes they are one step closer to getting closure in this tragedy.