NEW CASTLE (KDKA) – An angry father is accused of shooting his teenage daughter’s boyfriend.

According to police, it all began when 41-year-old Michael D’Biagio drove to the 17-year-old Darren Jevcak’s job at Scusties Pizza in New Castle to confront him.

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“The dad suspected they were using drugs, I believe, with a group of friends and then he stated he came up here to talk to him,” said New Castle Police Chief Robert Salem.

Then, police say D’Biagio had a gun and started using it the minute he saw the teenager.

“He didn’t talk to him, he starting shooting as soon as he came out of the place of employment,” said Chief Salem.

According to the criminal complaint, D’Biagio shot Jevack five or six times. When Jevcak came outside, D’Biagio shot him in the arm.

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He said the teenager went down to the ground and then went over and shot him in the head.

His reason was that Jevcak appeared to be in shock and he “wanted to put him out of his misery.”

When police arrived, he surrendered peacefully and is currently in the Lawrence County Jail, charged with criminal homicide.

“He was protecting his daughter, but he was doing anything but,” said Chief Salem. “Now he’s not going to be with his daughter anymore. He tore up two families for nothing. It’s senseless.”

Chief Salem said Jevcak was a good kid that didn’t deserve to be shot.

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“He was actually working two different jobs,” he said. “By all accounts, he was a good kid, we don’t have any record of him in our records for any negative incidents.”