By Kym Gable

GLEN OSBORNE (KDKA) — A house is destroyed in Glen Osborne after a tree fell onto it.

Police said a tree came crashing onto the roof of the house Thursday in Glen Osborne at the 1400 block of Beaver Road.

“The tree is through the house, through the roof,” Cochran Hose Company Fire Chief Shayne Quinn said.

Carolyn Burletic, the homeowner, was initially trapped but is now safe, authorities said.

She said she was watching TV when the tree fell and then called her neighbor.

“I’m lucky I kept together through all this,” Burletic said.

The tree caused significant damage to the home as the building inspector said Thursday the home is not habitable. The Red Cross is currently assisting Burletic.

First responders from Sewickley Fire and Sewickley Police responded to the scene.