SQUIRREL HILL (KDKA) — A Squirrel Hill couple was the target of a bizarre theft.

The couple says while they were sleeping, two young men ransacked both of their cars overnight. The couple accidently left their garage door open before going to bed.

The husband and wife, who wanted to remain anonymous, told KDKA News a significant amount of cash was stolen and a cell phone.

What’s unusual, is the digital evidence the thieves left behind. The couple says their icloud was wiped clean, but new photos appeared. Thirteen photos showed the two young men, who they believe broke into their car, holding up money and a gun.

“It’s a little frightening, it was shocking, it’s incredible in some aspects that they went ahead and deleted some of my photos. They didn’t think the photos would appear on my cloud and populate on my phone,” said the wife.

Pittsburgh Police are investigating the incident. Both suspects have been identified, but no arrests have been made.

“It’s very unsettling and that’s where we feel that we count our blessings that they decided not to enter the home,” said the wife.